Nutrition and Yoga

My name is Nicole Herpich and I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist working in Ringwood, and Lyndhurst, Hampshire. I am also a Yoga instructor, Vipassana meditation lover and Reiki practitioner. 

Welcome and thank you for having an interest in living a more natural life, giving your body and your life more energy and giving yourself the opportunity to feel better and happier.

Naturopathic Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation are related and connected with each other.

Yoga, as I have learnt it, involves
five main principles:

  • Proper exercise
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper relaxation
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation

On the path to a happier life it is important to pay attention to every single point and I would like to help as much as
I can and you allow me to.

A Naturopathic Nutrition
treatment can offer:

  • Information about connection between body
    organ functioning and diet and lifestyle
  • Advice about complimentary medicines that can minimise side effects of prescribed medication.  
  • Suggestion of alternative treatments

Everyone seeks peace and harmony, because this is
what we lack in our lives.

Meditation is a powerful tool
which can release:

  • Agitation
  • Irritation
  • Disharmony
  • unsettlement

From the bitterness of disease one learns the sweetness of life.

Catalan Proverb


Unhappiness permeates the atmosphere around someone who is miserable, and those who come in contact with such a person also become affected. Certainly this is not a skilful way to live. Sit down and work towards inner silence.

Be healthy, be happy,
be natural

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to change your diet, life style, have concerns about your health or would just like to have more energy and feel better … and that embarking on the path of nature.

Thank you.